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Construction Defects That Could Lead To Premises Liability Cases

Premises liability cases arise from injuries sustained by residents, visitors, guests, or others due to negligence on the part of the property owner. Properties are not always accident-proof. Even brand-new homes or buildings may have hidden dangers. In fact, brand-new places may even be more dangerous than old ones, since previous occupants of second-hand homes and establishments may have already had defects repaired.

Image source: city-data.com

Going through the house, people should be wary of windows. Windows that were crudely constructed or assembled can be a source of leaks during the rainy season. It can be a danger when the water comes and pools on the floor, making the surface slippery. The same thing applies to roofs and ceilings. Roofs that were put together the wrong way may allow rainwater to enter the house.

In line with all these potential rainy season dangers, people should be cautious when it comes to electrical wiring. It’s very easy to overlook and forget extension cords lying around the house. Residents and visitors can prevent untoward incidents that involve electrocution when they are aware of leaks and locations of electrical sources.

House foundations are also very important. Whether they are wood or cement, the structure should be solid and always kept in tip-top condition. People should check wooden staircases for any sign of termites. Concrete pillars should be inspected for cracks since they are load-bearing structures.

Image source: tomm.alex-stoddard.com

Always remember that the houses and establishments have more than a dozen parts -- that’s more than a dozen parts that can be defective, and lead to injury – and premises liability cases.

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