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The First Few Hours are Crucial in a Bicycle Accident Injury Lawsuit

Recent data point to increased frequencies of bicycle accidents. It is important moreover to note that response within the few hours after the incident directly affects how the speed of the victim’s recovery and his or her legal claims for damage to the vehicle. Events during the first few hours after an accident could also affect the ruling of any personal injury lawsuit.

Many attorneys recommend victims to wait for the police to arrive, as many injured cyclists do not believe they are hurt and walk away from the scene. Their injuries, if any, can develop into more serious and personal problems. As time passes since the accident, it will become increasingly difficult to establish causation.

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The police will file their report, which provides evidence that the incident occurred. Moreover, the one at fault for the accident will not be able to deny that the accident did happen at a specific time and date and that the ensuing injuries were caused by the incident.

If possible, it would be wise for the victim to get the name of the automobile driver, as well as other information such as address, phone number, license plate number, and insurance information. It would also help if witness accounts are gathered to lend further proof should a personal claim be filed.

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Most importantly, everything should be documented. As much as they can, victims should detail all events and circumstances leading up to and during the accident: where and how it occurred, road, traffic, and even weather conditions. This, along with the police report, will greatly help any personal injury lawyer and strengthen the claim of the victim.

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