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Know What To Look For In a Personal Injury Lawyer
It is a logical step to hire a lawyer if you suffered a serious injury because of third-party negligence. This process can be confusing or intimidating, especially after an accident. Here are some guidelines on choosing a personal injury lawyer:

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Ask family and friends

Your personal network is often a reliable source of information about reputable personal injury attorneys. Consult with close friends and relatives if they’ve had any experience in hiring personal injury attorneys and if they were satisfied with the service they received.

Schedule consultations

Many law firms offer free consultations. Schedule meetings with several personal injury lawyers to analyze if their expertise fits your case. Look for traits like responsiveness, accessibility, and proactivity that suggest that they are serious about your case. In these meetings, keep in mind that reliable lawyers only make realistic guarantees. Stay away from those who give outlandish compensation guarantees, since you need someone on your side who is both compassionate and truthful.

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Background check

State bar associations usually have comprehensive databases of all complaints about attorneys. By checking if there are discipline petitions filed against the attorneys you are considering, you can get an idea of how they work professionally.

A graduate of Pace Law School, Ann Sheeley is a Newport, Rhode Island-based attorney who represents and aids clients in personal injury, criminal defense, workers’ compensation cases. Visit SheeleyLaw.com to learn more about her practice.

Know your policy: Prevent wage loss after a work injury
Being involved in an accident, work-related or not, is a nuisance in more ways than one. The road to recuperation is not always easy, particularly in the event of grave accidents. Not all employees are fortunate enough to bounce back after a work-related accident and resume work immediately. In any case, there’s an impending wage loss. However, this can be prevented through the Workers’ Compensation policy.

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Medical care is a fundamental coverage of this policy. Here, the injured employee is entitled to financial assistance that will be spent for complete healing of the injury. This includes the right to be attended to by the company doctor for a month.

Moreover, companies are obliged to offer temporary disability payments to the injured employee, which would provide him or her partial compensation upon physician’s verification of inability to work for a specific period. This is different from temporary partial benefit, under the wage loss benefits clause, which is offered to an injured employee who can still manage to work. The payable amount is usually based on the employee’s earnings before and after the injury.

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Meanwhile, monetary assistance is given to employees with permanent disability. Employees who are no longer be able to perform their duties after the accident are the beneficiaries of this.

To date, many companies have what is called a Return to Work program, which provides opportunities to injured employees while they’re on the road to recovery or post-injury. This program also benefits employers in that it reduces the possibility of litigation, and even medical or disability payments, because the employee is earning. The goal of the program is to give the injured employee a sense of normalcy after the accident.

Sheeley Law, LLC provides assistance to employees in fighting for their rights under the Workers’ Compensation Policy. For more about its services, visit this website.

Just compensation: The value of a personal injury claim

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Many accidents can be life changing. Beyond the initial shock of the incident, victims may have sustained some injuries that they will need to recover from. Recovery, however, comes with certain costs such as the price of medical treatment and the loss of earnings due to taking time off from work.

There are systems in place to ensure that the victims of an accident can receive compensation for the injuries they sustained. They may pursue the parties responsible for the accident, especially if they can prove that others are truly at fault and if they have sustained significant damages.

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The damages include those that are capable of exact calculation, such as medical costs, employment benefits, and other financial losses, and those that are not capable of exact calculation, which accounts for the pain and suffering of the victims. For the latter, juries are instructed to use their good sense, background, and experience in determining pain and suffering.

Valuations also differ with settlements and trials. With trials, victims can get full compensation for their injuries but they also face the risk of losing the trial. With a settlement, they can avoid the trial entirely. The value, meanwhile, is what they reasonably hope to settle the case for.

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Sheeley Law helps clients obtain maximum compensation and the medical care and rehabilitation that they need to recover from accidents. For more resources on personal injury cases, subscribe to this Twitter account.

Five DUI defense strategies: Safeguarding your rights

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When you fail in a sobriety checkpoint, you are at risk of the suspension and revocation of your driver’s license, increase in insurance premiums, payment of fines, and a jail sentence. However, there is a way to defend yourself from the certainty of a prosecution.

According to Rhode Island DUI defense attorney Ann Sheeley, there are some issues that help back up your case leading to a reduction of the offense or even dismissal of charges. Among these are five issues that you need to take note of:

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• There is evidence of disregard of your constitutional rights.
• Breath and blood tests results are inadmissible in court.
• There is a lack of reasonable suspicion for the police to stop and check you.
• Probable cause to arrest you is lacking.
• The field sobriety tests are not in accordance with state laws.

Defending yourself in a DUI case means to examine the elements above. With the help of an experienced lawyer, careful preparation, investigation, and a solid argument are crucial for a positive outcome.

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Drinking problem in Rhode Island and Massachusetts remains to be a government concern. And it should be, since more and more people per capita die from alcohol-related driving accidents in the nation. There is no way of condoning DUI but before you plead guilty, get a lawyer and talk about factual issues or flaws that deter the prosecutor's case.

DUI is one of the practice areas of Sheeley Law. Visit this website for more information.

Rightful compensation for workers injured on the job

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Most Rhode Island employees are covered by a Worker’s Compensation Insurance. With this coverage, workers are set to receive compensation for medical care and the loss of wages if they get injured in the workplace. At times, however, it can be difficult to prove that a claim is legitimate. Other times, the compensation for the injury is not enough to cover the medical expenses. In such cases, seeking legal aid is the best option to take as medical expenses on top of lost wages can put workers and their family in a terrible financial situation.

Sheeley Law, LCC, is a law firm that provides representation to workers who have suffered from workplace injuries such as head and neck injuries, repetitive use injuries, occupational diseases, and environmental injuries. As a firm that is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of its clients, Sheeley Law has helped many workers understand their rights so that they can obtain adequate compensation for the injuries that they have suffered.

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A denied claim is not the end of the fight to obtain proper compensation for workplace injuries. While workers may feel discouraged upon hearing that their claim was denied, the firm can challenge a denied claim or the termination of benefits. In addition, victims of accidents caused by a third party, such as a contractor or an equipment supplier, may also wish to file a third-party claim. Through this, injured workers may receive additional support for their lost wages and for the pain and suffering resulting from another person’s negligence.

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Find more information on how Sheeley Law can help you on your Worker’s Compensation claim by visiting www.sheeleylaw.com.